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Falcon Press News

Falcons welcome two new assistant principals; new year, new faces

Erin Horan
ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS MR. Turner and Dr. Gantt look like welcome additions to the main office and the administrative team. Both hail from different schools and and backgrounds, but welcome this new opportunity.

As two assistant principals recently left the “Nest”, Teesha Sanders and Michael Nelson; CHS was given two new assistant principals Marcus Turner and Carrie Gantt, who both recently began their first school year as Falcons.

Gantt comes from rural South Carolina, where she grew up on a farm; she moved to Virginia when she married her husband who was stationed in Norfolk as he served in the Marine Corps. Gantt; however, is starting her first year as an assistant principal at CHS. She was previously employed at Ocean Lakes high school as an administrative assistant, or an intern learning how to be an assistant principal. 

Turner is also married and has a 1 year-old son at home. He is family oriented and a lover of sports, especially football, which he played in high school. Turner is coming to us from Larkspur Middle School where he was an assistant principal. 

Q: Where did you go to high school?

  A: Turner: “I attended Great Bridge High school in Chesapeake, Virginia.”

  A: Gantt: “I am from Chapin, South Carolina and I graduated from Chapin High School as the valedictorian out of 97 students.”

Q: What college or university did you attend?

A: Turner: “I  attended Virginia State University for his bachelor’s degree in Health/PE and then I went on to Old Dominion University for a master’s degree in educational leadership.”

A: Gantt: “I attended Regent University for my doctorate degree in Educational Psychology; and I also attended Clemson University in South Carolina to earn my bachelor’s degree in English, as well as Old Dominion University for a master’s in English Literature.”

Q: How long have you been in education? 

  A: Turner: ” As of now, 14 years total.”

  A: Gantt: “So far, I’ve been in the system for 20 years.” 

Q: Why choose to be an assistant principal?

A: Turner: “I wanted to have a bigger impact on students’ lives. As an administrator, I could have a bigger impact on all students, not just the students in my class.” 

A: Gantt: “Teaching seemed to be my calling as I have always loved it. I’ve also always had a desire to face a new challenge, as well as expand the classroom and see a different side of education.”

Q: What department do you supervise?

A: Turner: “This year I oversee the sophomores at CHS and I’m the “go-to” for the science and Fine Arts departments.”

A: Gantt: “I was given the opportunity to supervise the juniors class students, as well as the English, World Languages, VTFT, and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) programs.”

Q: Who inspired you to get to this point? 

  A: Turner: “When I was in middle school, my assistant principal, Dr. Carolyn Bernard. She moved up to my high school with me. Even though she was the principal of over 2000 students, she managed everything. She motivated me and inspired me to keep going and be the best person I could be.” 

  A: Gantt: “Probably all of my teachers when I was growing up.”

Q: What philosophies do you have when it comes to your career?

A: Turner: “Not just my career, but life in general, no matter what obstacles you face and things that come your way, you have to try to be the best you you can be and keep making goals. Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.” 

A: Gantt: “Always remember the love that you have for students. Always remember your why.’”

Q: What are your hopes for this school year?

A: Turner: “I hope to connect with all of the students he I oversee at CHS and find a way to help them find success until graduation.”

A: Gantt: “My goal is to grow in “instructional leadership,” and help teachers become the teachers that they want to be for their students. I also want to show my own growth as an  assistant principal. I have now a personal goal, after walking with Champ (the mascot) around the hallways this morning, before this school year is out, I want to dress up as the mascot. So, if I can be Champ for a day, half a day, a block, thirty minutes, then I will feel like I have truly have become part of the family of CHS.”

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? 

  A:  Turner: “I am very family-oriented, I have a 1 year-old son and I’m very sports involved; football is my favorite. Every Sunday I go to church, then come home and watch football for the rest of the day.” 

  A: Gantt: “I love to travel, visit national parks, camp, hike, and be outside. My husband and I have two dogs that are our children.” 

Q: Is there anything else you want the students to know about you?

A:  Turner: “I want them to know that I am very open and I am here to help. I am not just a person who is here when they get in trouble, but I am a person who can actually help them.” 

A: Gantt: “Come say hi to me during lunch, say hello anytime. I want students to know whether I’m their administrator or not, come say hi to me and let me know how I can help them and support them.” 

Overall, both of the school’s newest assistant principals are seemingly welcome and open to meet students and to join the Falcon community.

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