“One Lunch” returns, student opinions on the new schedule vary

For the first time since 2020, the ‘One Lunch’ concept will finally return to CHS. This 35-minute period allows students to each lunch anywhere on the first floor of the school including classrooms and outdoors in the Wing. Students can use this time to get help in the classes they need and participate in club meetings during the school day.

The only students in the school who have experienced ‘One Lunch’ before is the Class of 2023. Seniors who were able to participate during their freshman year are excited for the rest of the school to have the opportunity, even though most leave the bell before One Lunch begins

“I am so happy my last quarter of high school will include one lunch. This makes it so much easier for clubs to meet together without interference from after-school activities,” senior Emersen Miller said.

Although for the most part, everyone is excited about the new opportunity, some students have various opinions on the subject. Some of the new rules being implemented raise questions for many Falcons.

“I love that we have the time to do whatever we need, but having an excused block makes it difficult because we must stay for the entire lunch period if we want to get help in a classroom,” junior Chace Laundre said.