Humans of Cox: February 2023 Edition 2.0

My name is David Hartwell and I’m a senior at Cox this year. I came to Virginia Beach around sixth grade and haven’t looked back since. Entering high school was a little scary for me, but having classes with all my friends really helped. My first year at Cox, I tried out for soccer and was looked at for the varsity team, but I ended up making junior varsity instead. My first season was a little weird. As soon as we had our first game, COVID hit and everything went on lockdown. I didn’t see many friends in the first few months of lock down, but I didn’t let that discourage me. I made an at-home gym and trained, while also focusing on school work. I didn’t go in-person for sophomore year, so my first year being back was my junior year. It was strange to see all those people I remembered from freshman year after a year and a half. I wasn’t involved in anything, even as a junior, but I still played Cox Varsity Soccer and we won the state championship that year; I was a starting center back. This year, I committed to Virginia Wesleyan University for soccer. Cox soccer season is coming up, and and as a senior I am more than ready. I was able to get through high school due to the soccer team and the friends I made here. Some advice for anyone attending Cox as a freshman, sophomore, or junior, would be to get involved; it doesn’t matter whether it’s going to dances, joining clubs, SCA, or a sports team. I only played a sport, but if I had to go back, I would join more stuff, especially SCA – such a fun group of kids. However, even if you don’t join those clubs or if you tried to and didn’t get in, don’t think that’s all you can do. Always have an open mind and be ready to take action. – senior David Hartwell