Operation Smile organization offers local leadership event, promotes education and advocacy

Twenty students from the school’s Operation Smile (OS) organization attended a Leadership Workshop event, “Shine Your Light”, on Friday, Feb. 3, at the WAVE Church, and then on Saturday, Feb. 4, at Landstown High School. Falcons joined other OS members from a variety of schools throughout Hampton Roads as they learned to ‘shine their own light’, learning leadership skills and that as the next generation, they are  in charge of their “tokens”, which represent students’ power and decisions.

OS student members had the opportunity to listen to and meet the Head Team Leader for Shine Your Light Bridgette Clifford, whose parents began the Operation Smile initiative in the Philippines. They also listened and learned about leadership initiatives from one of Clifford’s assistants, Pavel,  a Mexican immigrant who is also an advocate for Operation Smile.

According to Operation Smile junior member Finley Palmer, OS members learned the importance of leadership skills within their own club, but the importance of these skills within the school community.