Falcon Weekly Vodcast 2.0: Monday, January 16 – Friday, January 27

Weekly Vodcast:  A.K.A. “BOYS ON THE COUCH”

Welcome to the Falcon Vodcast. 2.0.  In effort to return to our higher quality reporting before the COVID pandemic, we are upping the ante, and bringing back weekly school updates via vodcast.

Students will work directly with the librarians and the daily school related announcements to create original content that will hopefully provide information that students, faculty, and staff need to know. And in these crazy times, updates are necessary and relevant.

Seniors Noah Calayo, Michael Hillier, Joseph McGowan, and Parker Tillery work together to ‘tie up loose ends’ in regards to school events, as well as advertise updates.

“The 1st semester is coming to an end, with that being said, we will still make sure to continue the vodcast for the whole 2nd semester,” Tillery said.

So, make sure to tune into the Vodcast for weekly highlights and updates for all Falcons.

Check out this week’s Vodcast to learn about the end of the first semester and Term I 4×4 classes, as well as sports and the recent Falcon Stage Company Play, “Crushed”.