Senior government students volunteer at election polls, get involved

Students from Mr. Homesly’s Advanced Placement (AP) Government class were able to sign up to serve as an election page at the polls this month. Those who signed up completed a training course at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and signed up for one of two eight-hour shifts on Election Day. For their time, the students will receive one test grade worth of extra credit.

The AP course is designed to teach students how the government is structured and why it was created that way. Currently, the curriculum is focused on Federalism and how citizens can get involved in the governmental process. So, the volunteer opportunity could not have come at a better time.

“The election page is a great opportunity to see what elections look like behind the scenes at the precinct. It is a great program and we always have great participation with it,” Homesly said.

Students will witness and be involved in, arguably, one of the most Democratic processes in the country. Seniors, in particular, are now reaching the age to become eligible to vote. Seeing how they can be involved in their community and the election of our local politicians helps them both inside and outside of the classroom.

“I was so excited when I found out about this program. Not just because of the extra credit, but because it is a particularly important election because of the current balance of democrats and republicans in Congress. I am several weeks shy of being eligible to vote, so still getting involved and seeing how politicians are campaigning in such a crucial election is really interesting” senior Government student Lizzy Goldstein said.