Hallway decorating returns with competitive twist

CHS SENIOR STUDENTS create an astronaut banner to hang in their space- themed hallway. Each class stayed after school to come up with creative decorations during Homecoming week.

Hallway decorating is back this year with a new competitive twist. Bright and lively decorations line the hallways and fill the school with spirit and excitement. Bold colors cover the walls and creative designs draw students’ attention. This annual tradition has been present at CHS for many years now, but unfortunately, had to take a pause during COVID. Fortunately, this year hallway decorating is back and better than ever.

Each graduating class was assigned its own theme and hallway to decorate with the goal of winning the best hall. Class meetings were held with each grade and their sponsor to discuss ideas for hallway decorating and homecoming festivities. Students then gathered in the halls after school during the week of Monday, October 3- Friday, October 7, and worked collaboratively to design unique decorations that match their genre.

This year’s class themes for their halls were based on the world’s biomes. The freshman class chose the Artic/Tundra, the sophomore class was tropical rainforest, the junior class got the ocean, and the seniors chose outer space. Clubs and sports were also invited to participate by entering the doorway decorating contest.

“Hallway decorating is a fun way for the classes to show their creativity and spirit,” senior Amelia Keck said.

Soon, a winner will be chosen for which grade made the best hallway as part of the year-long Battle of the Classes contest.