Class of 2023 graduates five sets of twins in June

The Class of 2023 is unique in many ways, but this class may be a bit different than previous graduating classes.

Most people are familiar with ‘twins’, whether these siblings are identical, fraternal, or a different sex (male/female).  And even though it isn’t uncommon to see a variety of twins in their many forms, it is uncommon to have five sets of twins in one graduating class.  Yet, the CHS Class of 2023 does contain five extremely different sets of twins, a rare coincidence.

In the video, the twin’s knowledge of each other is tested through a series of questions.  Each varying set of questions consisted of favorite color, favorite food, favorite class, and dream college. The Blanchard twins knew each other well, earning 3/3 of the questions correct. The Blanchards  not only have a connection on the soccer field, but a connection in their minds.

The McClenney twins, Torop twins, and Rader twins all got 2/3 of the questions correct. This left the Kassir twins in last place, who only got 1/3 correct. Maybe twin telepathy only works for certain siblings.

Caroline and Madison Blanchard:The Blanchard twins are identical twins that who work together within school activities, as well as on the soccer field. Recently, they both committed to Randolph-Macon College for soccer and are looking forward to playing for the school in the fall.

Dylan and Alli kassir: Twins Alli and Dylan Kassir have lived in Virginia Beach their entire lives and are fraternal twins. A Kassir loves hanging out with her friends, while D Kassir enjoys watching football teams like Virginia Tech, the college he wishes to attend. Their dad own restaurants Shorebreak Pizza and Tap House, in both locations, and Hot Tuna. They both are accustomed to the restaurant life.

Maia and Alex Torop: Alex and Maia Torop are fraternal twins. The were born in Russia, and brought to the United States at a young age, living in Virginia Beach since then. M Torop enjoys performing gymnastics in her free time, while A Torop enjoys subjects such as math while in school.

Kyondre and Deyondre McClenney: Kyondre and Deyondre are identical twins, making it impossible to tell which is which when seeing them in the hallway. Also, they were born only a minute apart. They love shoes, including the matching Ugg slippers they are sporting in the video.

Alex and Reed Rader: The Rader twins are fraternal twins who have grown up in Virginia Beach. The brothers have shared a room for their whole life, creating a close bond among the twins. Their younger brother and sister are also fraternal twins.

Overall, the five sets of twins seem to know one another well and it will be interesting to see where their paths will lead them.