Letter to future students from Falcon Press Editors-in-Chief

Dear Journalism Students,

During the last three years, we have faced extremely difficult conditions due to the inability to be face to face throughout the pandemic. But, the upper-level Journalism students’ class, which is considered the production class, managed to pull together during these weird and tough times to continue on and maintain the newspaper’s award-winning legacy.

As upperclassmen move on, there’s some advice that we would like to impart upon you, so you can get the most out of Journalism. This class can be one of the most fun classes you’ll ever take, but it’s important to not take it for granted and to remember a few key things.

  1. Throughout the upcoming year in Journalism, students must remember that participation in school activities is crucial for the paper’s success.  Without school spirit and other school involvement, Journalism students will struggle to write stories about student life, sports, and other necessities that are relevant to our school and the community. So get involved with the school! It will only further help your writing, and help with the success of the newspaper.

2. All stories have deadlines. Deadlines should be followed because stories can be deleted by your advisor when  not published in time. This class is not a study block, however, there may be down time at which you may do other work.  It is rare that there will be a time where there is no work to be done. If you are free, then find a story to write.

3. A key aspect of this class that several students fail to remember is that you have to find what you enjoy doing and build off of it throughout the year. For example, if making videos is your passion then make videos! Don’t drag yourself through this class doing things you don’t enjoy, there are plenty of opportunities in this class to follow your passion.

Overall, enjoy yourselves and enjoy this class. So long as you put in the work, this class will be one of the best that you could possibly take at Frank W. Cox High School.

Thank you for the wonderful years, Ms. T!


Erin Bailey, Garrett Belote, Olivia Harriman, and Marina Hlouverakis

         The Editors-In-Chief