Spring pep rally returns full force

The past two years have wreaked havoc on the entire world, the nation, the state, and the education system as a whole. Everyone had to adjust almost overnight to a “new normal”, leaving many of the freedoms we often take for granted upended for the past two years.

Education practices, social interaction, school activities, and all of the “fun” activities students are able to experience as a ‘rite of passage’ was canceled, delayed, canceled, and delayed again.

However, as the vast majority of states have now fully lifted most of the COVID mandates, students once again feel the excitement of all the ‘extras’ offered within the public school setting.

The Spring Pep Rally showcased fun activities once again; not only for athletes but for the entire student body including races and dance battles, spring sports team introductions, and the “Best of Cox” participants. Held between the second and the third block of the day, overall a fantastic way for students and staff to kick off Spring Break.