New traditions include combined effort, “Best of Cox”

WILLIAM BIBEAU (JUNIOR) shreds on the electrical guitar. The parents in attendance loved his 80’s style songs. (Amelia Keck)

The Student Council Association (SCA) and the Falcon Stage Company partnered to host the first student and staff talent show/ “Mr. Cox pageant,” which is now known as the “Best of Cox” event.

Previously separate events, the two were combined this year to create a single night to remember. The school’s latest “combo” event was held last Friday evening in the auditorium, where everyone involved had the opportunity to show off their skills as part of the talent show, but only a few of the senior boys competed to be the “Best of Cox”.

The “Best of Cox” participants included seniors Alvaro Herron, Jake Damron, Kyle Schlaepfer, Colin Bridges, Will Anderson, and Takazo Lasley. The boys showed off talents that included dancing to the more random “hand percussion”. Anderson was announced as the runner-up for his elegant ballet performance. But, in the end, Bridges took home the title of “Best of Cox” for his impressive and somewhat epic glow stick dance.

“The senior guys involved in the “Best of Cox” worked so hard on their specific ‘talent’ if for nothing else to entertain and make the audience laugh,” junior Erin Bailey said.

As for the talent show, the audience got to experience the musical gifts and various talents of their peers and teachers. Coach Dinardo paid tribute to his father with a beautiful song on the trumpet, while sophomore Tia Hollowell played the piano. And although every participant’s talent was evident, a winner ultimately needed to be decided upon.

The winners of the talent show were junior William Bibeau and senior George Cobb who played a medley of rock music with Bibeau on the electrical guitar and Cobb on the bass.

“The talent show was a tremendous experience, really, and while I am ashamed that I broke the microphones, at least now everyone will remember when Guitar Club is hosted. I am grateful that I got to be a part of [the Talent Show],” Bibeau said.