Best local fish tacos search ends at “Bros”

Fish tacos, a classic food item found in many coastal cities, and Virginia Beach is no exception.  As many restaurants serve this local food favorite, the question comes to mind, who has the best fish tacos? Elyse Unger traveled across Virginia Beach to find out which spot truly takes first place.

Local restaurants such as Pelon’s, Gringos, and Bro’s, are all family-owned and were chosen to win the title for best fish taco restaurant in town.  The tacos were judged on quality of ingredients, taste, and price, as well as the restaurant’s atmosphere as a whole.  

Pelon’s Baja Grill is located off of Pacific Avenue at the Oceanfront and it offers a true beachy and aesthetic appeal to individuals of all ages.  The California style Grill provides vegan and gluten free options along with new specials each week to cater to specific taste.  However, their most popular dish is the “Famous Fish Tacos.” The breaded white fish, shredded green cabbage, salsa fresca, and baja cream sauce truthfully earns its famed title.

“I have gone to Pelon’s since I was little and it has never failed to disappoint,” Unger said.

Gringos Taqueria, provides a more Mexican flare to it’s fare, particularly the tacos.  A classic Mexican restaurant with a local seafood twist makes Gringos a popular local’s spot.  On Tuesdays, anyone can buy two fish tacos for $8.50 and they are served with chips and salsa.  The atmosphere is casual, and gives off a beachfront, Tex-Mex vibe. It’s seems that the best time to swing by is on a weekday, if nothing else, to ensure the best seating.  Gringos offers a positive and welcoming environment to locals and tourists alike, while offering some truly high quality fish tacos.

According to Unger, Gringo’s fish tacos have ample toppings they use to create a ton of tasty flavors.

Lastly, Bros Fish Tacos was the designated winner of the contest. Bros checked off the entire list when it came to  taste, ‘bang for the buck’, and overall experience.  The menu looks like one found in a sushi restaurant, with a variety of names and the ingredients included. Although the restaurant is not located at the the actual Oceanfront, the overall experience is worth the drive. Customers can find their choice of non-expensive tacos coupled with unbeatable service, thus placing Bros Fish Tacos in the first place position.

“The combination of sauces, the choice of a corn or flour tortilla, as well as the option to choose my ingredients at Bros give them a leg up on their competition,” Unger said.