Leno’s Luxury Detailing business speaks for itself

Falcon alumnus and former star football player Leno Lester has become a successful entrepreneur over the past six months, creating a new car detailing business he named Leno’s Luxury Detailing. And, due to Lester’s work ethic and attention to detail, he has had endless support from former teachers, coaches, and teammates, as he has ventured into this industry.

“If you believe in yourself and push yourself enough, then you will be able to accomplish your goals,” Lester said.

Not only has Lester become one the most sought after local detailers, he has also made multiple advances in the business world. In fact, he has already signed detailing contracts with local companies such as Atlantic Heating and Cooling.

Lester began this business in the summer, starting from the ground up, working by himself day in and day out to reach as many customers as possible. At this point, he has now hired multiple employees to add to his team, personally training each and every one of them so that they, too, can provide the best service to his customers.

This recent success comes as no surprise, however. As a former Falcon, his teachers, teammates, and coaches, all remember his drive to be the best. With these thoughts in mind, and the encouragement he receives each and every day, Lester has no plans to slow down any time soon.

According to Tony James, a customer of Leno’s Luxury Detailing, he [Leno] provided excellent customer service and his car looked like it had just come off of the showroom floor when it was done.