Falcon Press recruits ‘high school musical’ style

Although registering for next fall’s classes in the winter of 2021 may seem silly, it does give underclassmen a leg up while considering their choices of electives.  While there are required classes such as English, math, science and history that students must take each year, students are also offered the opportunity to add several elective classes into their schedules.

When students choose what elective(s) they’d like to sign up for next year there are several items to take into consideration.  It’s important that the elective of choice actually interests the student. Many students simply take electives that their friends have once taken or plan to enroll simply for the social aspects within the class.

Other students choose certain electives because they think or have ‘heard’ that the class is an easy “A.” And, students also choose electives based on the teacher, whether they already know this teacher or have learned what they can and cannot get away with in that particular teacher’s class.

However, as students begin to make elective choices, consider what stands out about each class offered and weigh the pros and cons.  In Journalism, for example, students don’t truly understand that the Journalism II,III students’ class are editors for the school’s Falcon Press student newspaper and have won numerous national and state awards.  Nor do many students fully understand that Journalism, in this school, incorporates photography, social media, broadcasting, videography, podcasts and vodcasts with writing for a public audience.

In fact, many students who didn’t think they would or could be successful in the class have gone on to write or broadcast for their college or university newspaper and some have even interned for local news stations.

While Journalism does assist students with writing and grammar, it also adds a bit of fun to the day and entrance into every venue within the school setting.  The class is about ‘real’ news, getting involved, and caring about the world around us, as well getting ‘the scoop’ on just about everyone and everything within the school’s walls.

So, keep in mind, whatever elective one chooses, consider the facts, do some research, and don’t simply take everything at face value.

Remember:  “There Is Something in the NEST” and enabling Falcons to soar after graduation is top priority.