Seniors paint parking spots, raise money for prom

Now that we have entered the 2nd nine weeks of the school year, the senior class has started a new tradition, painting parking spots in order to raise money for the Class of 2022’s prom. Students remain hopeful that the event will return in June after a two year hiatus due to the COVID pandemic.

Class of 2022 created this activity, or fundraiser, because in the past, the student lot, located on the right side and in the front of the building, lacked individuality and organization. After the senior class executive board and class sponsors, Mrs. Rountree and Mrs. Palalay, met to discuss new events that could bring in much needed money to pay for upcoming events and activities. Everyone involved collectively decided that selling parking spaces for students to paint was a fun way to raise money for the dance.

“As an alumnus, I was excited to be a part of a new tradition and was eager to see the designs come to life,” Rountree said.

Currently, prices vary from $25 to $35 and students are able to choose the location of their spot once completing an application that must be approved by administration.

Painting officially began toward the end of October, but students will have the opportunity to continue painting throughout the month of November.

In preparation for painting, and after all designs were approved, students were then responsible for providing their own supplies, which included items such as paintbrushes, water-based paints, and rolling trays. Some students even invited their friends and family to help paint their chosen spot.

Currently, the parking lot reflects creativity and spirit. Senior Delaney Estes painted “Hail States” as a tribute to Mississippi State, her future college. She used white, maroon, gold, and grey colors to make her future school’s spirit come to life.

Other students chose a different route when deciding what designs they wanted to commemorate their spots. Seniors Ema Christian, Sara Twisdale, and Gracie Holroyd painted their parking spots with designs that ranged from hearts to smiley faces.

One student made reference to Mac Miller’s “Spins” Album, which celebrates being a senior student in high school. Senior Zack Tang, chose to paint an optical illusion, alternating black and white paint, to create a spiraling circle.

“I had a lot of fun being a part of a new tradition,” Tang said.