“Quirky” new restaurant adds local feel

Quirks on Great Neck Road was an amazing and fun dining experience. This relatively new restaurant, located on Great Neck Rd. across from Sunrise Café, is definitely one to check out and it’s open from 11 a.m.-10 p.m.  throughout the week. The atmosphere is a one of a kind and the restaurant itself is a fun visit. This is definitely an amazing place for a family dinner, it is kid-friendly, as well as adult-friendly. 

As far as the menu goes, there are appetizers and entrees that all have amazing recipes; it’s an awesome place to try new food. Walking into the restaurant, one sees a sign that states the weekly specials, and happy hour times for the adults.

There is no specified kids’ menu, but kids can enjoy anything from mac and cheese to chicken tenders. The menu items generally range from $7-$12 with some pricier choices, but the average is around $11. The prices seem right in comparison to the food.

The mac and cheese dish was to die for… and the fries were unbelievable. The fries, especially, were a hit for everyone and there were definitely no leftovers. The “Quirks” salad is a fantastic meal choice also; it was super delicious and enjoyable. When the food got to our table, I was excited to eat because the presentation was visually appealing.

I highly recommend ordering one of their salads and certainly getting a side of fries for the table. The food’s standard at this restaurant is high, so expect a good meal when coming to “Quirks” and expect nothing less.

Furthermore, the service at “Quirks” was amazing, from drink refills to the quick service. The servers at “Quirks” were extremely friendly and polite and gave us time respectfully. The wait time wasn’t much at all and was better than any average restaurant. Overall, the service was fast and understandable of the restaurant size and it’s location. There were about five other parties in the restaurant while visiting, but still, the service was quick and reliable. 

“Quirks” has one of the best restaurant atmospheres I have experienced. It is kid-friendly and is simply a fun place to eat. A family with young children should definitely try this restaurant because there is music and games that everyone can enjoy. Although there is a bar, I think Quirks is still more of a family-oriented place to go.

“Quirks” is a fun and bright place to go for a good time overall. Inside the restaurant, there are tables and swinging chairs available for a smaller parties and larger tables for larger parties. The swinging chairs inside the restaurant were definitely one of the best parts about the décor. There is seating outside too and it seems like a fun place to sit and eat, no matter the time or weather. 

Anyone who is looking for a family-friendly restaurant with games to play and a fun atmosphere, I suggest trying out “Quirks”. My personal experience was awesome and I am definitely planning on visiting again soon. Anyone who has an interest in visiting, I suggest taking advantage now because there isn’t anything not to like. 

All in all, Quirks is worth a visit and anyone who is wanting to support a local business, this is the perfect place to be.