Falcon Pride Spirit Club promotes inclusivity for all

The ‘Spirit Club’ is a new addition to the plethora of clubs within the Falcon’s Nest. Sponsor and cheer coach Bailee Adams created this Falcon Pride Spirit Club in hopes of promoting inclusivity across the school and to bring students back together during a year that has been ravaged by the pandemic.

The Spirit Club’s overall mission to promote this inclusivity and positivity starts by promoting overall school spirit in as many ways as possible. They promote inclusivity at school by creating a safe atmosphere for students to attend sporting events together.

The club’s main objective though, is to increase attendance at home games; their goal is to attend one softball game, one baseball game, one soccer game, and one lacrosse game before the end of the school year. The club members assemble as a group on a designated place at school and walk to the game together.

Junior Anaya Swango represents the club as a social media manager. With only about 50 percent of the student population in person, she uses social media to promote new membership and the club’s message to all students.

“Many have been heartbroken over not being able to join clubs, teams, go to school events, etc., so Miss Adams  created the “Spirit Club” which she hopes will promote inclusivity for students who chose to remain virtual. It is meant for any and everyone that has Falcon Pride and wants to show it,” Swango said.

Members recently voted in a new ‘spirit’ board consisting of co-presidents, a vice president, two social media managers, a treasurer, a historian, and a reporter. By appointing a student board, members can experience what it is like to hold a leadership role as an ambassador of falcon pride.

Junior Delaney Estes serves as the vice president on the student board this year.

According to Estes,  the club is a great outlet to have fun while spreading school spirit and inclusivity and describes their recent meeting’s activities to include new poster designs for fellow Falcons and sports teams as a great kickoff to spread their overwhelming Falcon pride.

The club creates posters sharing insight into what ‘Falcon Pride’ truly means by hanging up posters around the school and by bringing these same posters to games. The club has also made cowbells in order to “make some noise” and pump up the crowd and athletes at upcoming spring games/matches.

Their efforts also include a car wash ‘cash-o-la’ at Shorebreak Pizza on Saturday, May 8.