Teachers, students show differences in generational pop culture

When walking through the halls of the school, one can clearly see the generational gap between teachers and students. However, it becomes a bit more difficult to determine if this same generational gap exists within each person’s likes and dislikes based on the pop culture of their high school years. 

Faculty and students were asked several questions to determine what, if any, of the given answers showed in what generation they grew up and while the staff fondly remembers pop culture of their past, students’ answers lean toward the here and now.

To gain a full sense of what generational gaps separate teens and adults, a wide range of both were questioned about their interests.

Questions asked included:

Q:What makes you angry?

Q:What was your favorite car growing up?

Q:Who is your celebrity crush?

Q:What was your favorite movie growing up?

Q:What are your most used smartphone apps?