Falcons step up as community leaders

It’s safe to say that it’s not easy to volunteer during a global pandemic. Many programs and companies have shut down or scaled back their activities, reducing volunteer opportunities for many people, and causing many to remain at home rather than possibly risking spreading the virus. 

However, a few resilient CHS students are still reaching out to their communities to help those in need.

Seniors Morgan Sadowski and Costas Delidakis are two students who have not given up; both have made a positive impact on their community. Sadowski’s coaches offered her the opportunity to volunteer at her local volleyball facility while it was being converted from a hard court indoor facility to an indoor beach volleyball facility. She took  the offer and immediately started filling sandbags, which later created a barrier in between courts. 

“Community service is extremely important in my life. Helping people in my community helps to put a smile on my face and I wish to put a smile on others’ faces,” Sadowski said. 

Additionally, Delidakis was also given an opportunity to volunteer at his local church by his youth director. He was presented the opportunity to foster a community Halloween themed dinner and pumpkin carving event for those in need. During this event, Delidakis participated in preparing, as well as serving individuals who are not able to place meals on the table each day. 

“Volunteer work is a way for me to give back to my community while still having a good time,” Delidakis said. 

Even though volunteering is definitely more difficult because of the Coronavirus pandemic, CHS falcons are still passionate about helping others and are willing to do so while taking safety precautions such as wearing masks and social distancing. 



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