Sideline cheerleaders hold out hope for more performances

The varsity sideline cheerleaders are ‘back in the game’. 

Due to the obvious pandemic concerns, sideline cheerleaders were ‘sidelined’ for much of the school year.  Furthermore, there has only/will only be one home game for basketball and football so their time in front of the crowd is limited.

However, the squad was excited to get back on the sidelines for one last home game celebrating seniors during the half-time Senior Night events. 

Although the girls were excited to be back on the sidelines, the pandemic altered their ability to perform for crowds as in previous seasons.  A big part of the sideline cheer performance involves stunts, so the close contact necessary to even practice was not allowed due to social distancing restrictions.

Thus, the senior squad members were upset because they were only allowed to showcase their talent at two games, one basketball and one football. Even then, the squad seemed to lack the excitement usually created by pumping up the crowd during games as limited spectators were allowed. Unless Falcon football makes the playoffs, the girls will have to wait until the fall school year to perform again. 

“This year has been extremely difficult for our cheer team especially not being able to stunt, do our crazy pyramids, and most importantly, be able to pump up the crowds. But, through it all, we have learned how to become resilient. As a senior, I am extremely proud of the positivity that our team has shown. I am sad to say that my senior season is coming to an end, but it wasn’t a total loss. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else,” senior cheerleader Brooke Ford said. 

Practices are still underway and the squad has not given up all hope for more performances on the competitive cheer mat.  They still hold out hope that with the recent ease of pandemic restrictions, more  fans will be able to attend future away games.

According to senior cheerleader Karlee Tomlinson, she is thankful either way for the opportunity to spend time surrounded by her teammates for one last season and is excited for what is to come. 

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