Coverage continues, while COVID-19 ravages the country

COVID-19: pandemic causes crisis in country

CORONAVIRUS TESTS BECAME scarce when more and more people in the United States began to get sick. More tests and more rapid results are now available for those who are most compromised.

"The Chancellor Rishi Sunak visits a coronavirus testing laboratory in Leeds" by HM Treasury is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

CORONAVIRUS TESTS BECAME scarce when more and more people in the United States began to get sick. More tests and more rapid results are now available for those who are most compromised.

This COVID-19 “situation” that by all accounts resembles a sphere with spikes, hit our country, the United States of America in the technologically advanced year of 2020.  We do not live in the 1500s or the early 1900s, shouldn’t we have the capability to fight this pandemic, in a dramatically epic manner?  Shouldn’t we, today, have the technology to destroy a virus before it killed hundreds of thousands of people since December.

One would think so. There have been other pandemics in recent years that did not affect us, like this anyway, because the world was proactive rather than reactive.

Yet, strangely enough, the U.S. was seemingly caught off-guard, although there were [allegedly] ominous warning of its seriousness and contagiousness.

Yet, due to the federal government’s “cockiness”, lack of and delayed necessary resources to save the very lives of the health care workers who are saving our lives, wishy-washy communication from top government officials at best and “kids” who would rather party in large groups than save lives; here we are. Our country has obviously plunged into a health crisis, while COVID-19 continues to infect everyone in its path, taking people’s’ lives without mercy despite one’s age, gender and/or status in society.

And to make matters worse, in the course of two-three weeks, the unemployment rate skyrocketed as the term “social distancing” became code for stay home and don’t spread the virus.  Once thriving businesses throughout the country are now closed, leaving many without income. To restart the economy, Americans were offered federal money through a stimulus package, yet the most money went to big business.  Many of these businesses gave the money back.

This first round of stimulus money took more than a month to arrive to some people, while some have still not received their money. We also must wait for this stimulus money that, for most, will not even pay rent. The economy is headed into a recession, people are being let go from their jobs left and right, and there seems to be no relief for many in sight.  Americans may not be employed currently, but hey, they still have their health.  Or, do they?

One must ask why we have a COVID-19 task force when we clearly have a leader who blatantly lies to save face, publicly attacks others, gives false medical advice to the masses, throws everyone else under the bus and cares more about restarting a dying economy and winning re-election in November? Isn’t this the same reaction we received time and time again as mass shootings escalated in this country? But, if we inject Lysol, that will solve everything.

Now, it is the mighty American people who must fight for their lives, relying on health care workers that do not have the equipment needed to save us all. We must fend for ourselves while we wait for the federal government to stop their infighting, as well as tell listen to how fantastic this same federal government is the best anywhere for quickly providing health care workers with essentials.  If that is the case, then why are people still dying en masse?

Again, in today’s society, in the year 2020, one may ask how any of this is even possible.

Unfortunately, it is possible.

We, as a country, are learning a new normal that now includes social distancing, the necessity of virtual schools and meetings, job loss, a broken economy and a fight with an invisible enemy; a fight we will first lose before we can rise up and win.

Aside from the loss of life, through the turmoil, the daily press conferences, it is our nation’s children, the future of our country, who watch the ongoing arguments between adults, the name calling, the broken promises and the incessant blame put on their generation for something in which they had no control.

It is these same children, kids, who sit, watch and wait as their much anticipated rites of passage, their sports seasons, their parties, their spring breaks, their graduations, their first and lasts, as well as their time to just “be a kid” is slowly stripped away by a swift and silent creeper and by adults who seemingly know it all.

These young people watch as friends and family members are “thrown to the wolves” because today’s leaders are selfish rather than selfless. So it has come to the point where we must ask ourselves if that is what we want for our children’s future. Do we want our economy to skyrocket overnight, which is highly unlikely, or do we want our youth to see old age and live comfortably.

And to think, just two months ago, we were led to believe this was all a just a simple nuisance, a hoax.

One must remember though, that there are still so many people, young and old, that perform acts of kindness on a regular basis; it is still our country’s heritage that in the face of adversity we look out for one another and remain hopeful, just as it is important to look for light in the darkness, or in that darkness we search for the light.

It is our hope that sooner rather than later, these children, these kids will once again have the opportunity to simply enjoy their youth and those that missed some of their firsts due to what we at first thought were simply preventative cancellations will have the chance to relive them.