How-to: Saint Patrick’s Day inspires DIY “treats”

As Saint Patrick’s Day approaches, students prepare to decorate themselves and their surroundings in green, in honor of the Irish holiday. And, although it is questionable as to whether or not we are in school, the holiday is one for celebration.

According to the WalletHub blog, around 57 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this year, so join in and “go green”.

In addition to the traditional green attire seen everywhere on March 17, there are several ways to commemorate the holiday without breaking the bank.  In fact, baked goods and treats with a little “green’ added are quite popular.

One of the simplest St. Patrick’s Day treats to make at home are white chocolate dipped Oreo cookies. Ingredients are limited and the outcome is delicious. Grab a pack of Oreo’s, white chocolate, green food coloring and green or white sprinkles. First, melt the white chocolate in a bowl in the microwave. Once the chocolate is in liquid form, add a few drops of green food coloring and stir. Then, dip half of the Oreo in the green mixture and add desired sprinkles. 

Another quick, easy and cheap treat is creating one’s own pot of gold thought to be found at the end of a rainbow. Pre-bought candy can be used to represent the “gold” such as individually wrapped Rolos.  Put them in a big bowl and due to the color of the tinfoil wrapping, they resemble a pot of gold.  Take this a step further and decorate the bowl, add festive stickers and paint.  Hopefully, this idea brings some good luck.

Lastly, quick and easy pretzel bites are one of the cutest treat for this day. First, lay some pretzels down on a cookie sheet. Then, place a Hershey Kiss on each individual pretzel. Let the pretzel and Hershey Kiss bake in the oven for a couple of minutes. Once taken out of the oven, the chocolate should be softened. Next place a green M&M on top of all of the chocolate and pretzels. Place the cookie sheet in the refrigerator to let cool. Sounds magical delicious to us!

These almost effortless goodies enable students to celebrate the Irish Holiday appropriately as well as share their treats and their good luck with others.

For more Saint Patrick’s Day treat ideas, check out the Falcon Pinterest Board! 

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