CBC spearheads new leadership workshop

Falcon students hosted the first ever Care by Community (CBC) Leadership Workshop at Cooke Elementary School the weekend prior to student release from school due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CBC is a club that started as a subset of Science National Honor Society to give back to the underprivileged students of Virginia Beach. This year, CBC members focused on Cooke Elementary School students, a majority of whom are homeless or come from difficult financial and home situations. CBC members, therefore, go to Cooke ES twice a month to tutor and mentor their assigned children. Now, CBC is expanding its influence on these kids through its leadership workshop.

Science teacher Laura Beltz is the sponsor for CBC and has encouraged its growth over the past few years. 

“CBC is such a great organization that has become so successful because of the club members who love to help their community. The children at Cooke are always extremely grateful for the chance to finally have good role models. This leadership workshop will be another great way to reach out to these kids,” Beltz said.

The leadership workshop was modeled after those first created by SCA. Like the high school workshops, the delegates were split up into four councils under the theme “Adventure is Calling”. From that point, the high school staff and council leaders lead the kids in fun activities and instructionals to teach them important leadership skills they will use in the future. 

CBC President Emily Smith has worked tirelessly with her workshop staff to create a successful day for the thirty children participating. 

“The workshop turned out amazing! These kids inspire me to have such a positive outlook on life. It is amazing that I’ve been given the opportunity to influence them, even if it’s in a small way,” Smith said.

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