Art students immerse themselves in NYC culture

courtesy of Jessica Van Veenhuyzen
Art students visit the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University in New York City over the long weekend to view some of the contemporary art exhibits currently on display. They also went to Columbia’s library to take in less contemporary art.                                                        
courtesy of Jessica Van Veenhuyzen
Art students take advantage of the interactive exhibits in SoHo’s Color Factory that collaborates with artists and designers to create “color stories” such as the dance floor. Students also hit the “ball pit”.













Art students traveled to New York City (NYC) over President’s Day weekend to take in some of the “Big Apple’s” diverse culture, along with the opportunity to hang out in the “bright lights, big city”.

“These trips allow students to immerse themselves in art and culture; I know they are all coming back more confident and inspired than ever,” Art teacher Jessica Van Veenhuyzen said.

Van Veenhuyzen is definitely a hands-on type of teacher who takes every opportunity to educate her students through real life, interactive experiences. Whether she takes her Art Foundations or her National Art Honor Society students on local field trips, so they are able to get a feel for local culture, or chaperones weekend trips such as the most recent to NYC, they always include a plethora of collaborative, higher level learning skills and practices.

She has also taken art students to a variety of European countries over the years during summer breaks. Van Veenhuyzen’s last overseas adventure included a visit to Italy, where students visited Rome’s museums and all of its ancient ruins.

According to Van Veenhuyzen, we all, her students and she, are able to build stronger relationships and feel more comfortable sharing their creativity  and more of themselves with one another.








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