Valentine´s Day: expectations vs. realities

For many, Valentine’s Day is either anticipated or dreaded. This holiday is an annual ode to the couples out there in the world, who may or may not be in love. No worries for the “singletons” out there though, Valentine’s Day can be memorable with friends, family and even pets. Hopefully we can bring a smile to someone’s face and a little bit of laughter for every type of person out there on this special day.




Expectations #1: Singing with a loved one in the car.

Reality #1: Driving alone, listening to sad music, while it rains.


Expectations #2: Enjoying the outdoors with a companion.

Reality #2: All alone without anyone to cuddle with.


Expectation #3: Loving winter weather while wrapped up with your pal.

Reality #3: Freezing all by yourself with no one to give you their jacket.


Expectations #4: Getting lots of gifts very sweetly, from your significant other.

Reality #4: Getting gifts that your loved one didn’t put any thought into and just throws at you.


Expectations #5: Receiving lots of cards with sweet messages, from your significant other.

Reality #5: Getting nothing… not even a little note.