How to: maintain focus in school

As we approach the end of January and the first semester comes to a close, students, faculty and staff feel the cold winter tenfold without many breaks on the horizon. Without the rest and days of relaxation during the first semester, the second semester tends to feel longer, causing many students to lose motivation, even though the second semester is full of tests, exams, and SOLs that can be crucial to final grades. 

According to James Marshall Crotty from Forbes Magazine, about 40 percent of high school students are chronically disengaged from school. Thus, the lack of motivation during the second half of the school year corresponds with Crotty’s study.

It is important that students don’t fall out of their academic routine. So, in order to avoid lack of focus and overall motivation, there are many different methods to maintain this focus throughout the never-ending months of February and March. 

One method that allows students to stay on top of their homework and keep track of dates is to purchase an agenda. Placing all assignments with their due dates in an organized planner will help students keep up with teachers’ expectations. Furthermore, students won’t feel so “stressed” because they know what is expected and when. 

Homework may seem like a long and boring process, but can be made more enjoyable with a simple rewards system. For example, after completing an assignment, have a treat, take a phone break, or a even take a few minutes to step away from homework. This “reward oneself” system gives students brain breaks, making task completion a bit easier to mange.

Lastly, another mistake that students often make is setting unattainable goals for themselves. If a student plans to raise their D to an A, it won’t just happen automatically and one can easily become discouraged. Instead, students may find it more beneficial to set smaller goals for themselves, such as completing all homework, studying more often, getting higher quiz grades, and so on. Once the student reaches one small goal, they will have a more positive mindset about continuing to reach more achievable goals.

Although it can be difficult to stay motivated, there are many resources available to contribute to a student’s success.

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