‘Turnover’ brings heartfelt performance back home

Virginia Beach local band ‘Turnover’ recently brought the tropical warmth, on a brisk winter night, of their new album “Altogether” to the NorVa in Norfolk. Joining their set were co-headliners ‘Men I Trust” and opener Renata Zeiguer

‘Turnover’ began their set with new songs Still in Motion and Much After Feeling, they later delved into their earlier material from acclaimed albums such as Good Nature and Peripheral Vision

Before this, however, Brooklyn based Indie artist Renata Zeiguer brought a unique take to a classic sound, singing longfully over both quiet and distorted guitars melodic sounds that howled into the night. She performed selections from the new Extended Play (EP) Faraway Business; the title itself evokes exactly how Zeiguer sounds. Similarly, ‘Men I Trust’, a band that has been generating waves online with beautiful jazzy singles such as Show Me How and Norton Commander (All We Need) played selections from an album that also describes their sound perfectly.

Oncle Jazz, released in September, combines highlights of their new developing sound, as well as album cuts that longtime fans would enjoy. In their set, if the audience was not buzzing over the performance, they could be found dancing wistfully along to the melodies, sung by the talented vocalist Emma Proulx. 

The stage design was minimal, but drenched the venue in light and color as ‘Turnover’ neared the end of their set. The local connection could be felt with the audience, who now devoted their attention to the stage.

Lead singer Austin Getz made bold claims to the audience stating, “We’re so happy to be here. We used to feel a lot of hate from Virginia, but now we only feel love.” 

Getz made his personal connection to the city known, giving shout outs to Landstown, Kempsville and Princess Anne High Schools, the band member’s Alma maters. He also referenced locations in the city with remarks to General Booth Boulevard, where Getz said he wrote Dizzy On The Comedown, a song highly regarded by fans of the band. The end of the set was bittersweet, ending on a high note with Humming. As the fans poured out of the show, there was a sense of optimism as Turnover will return to Virginia Beach in April.

Catching up with Getz after the performance, he was able to give insight into what this performance meant to them, as they had only played smaller venues in Hampton Roads previously 

“This was definitely a career highlight for us, we just can’t wait to bring it back for ‘Something In The Water,” Getz said.

Turnover is slated to play the festival this April, alongside other prominent Hampton Roads Artists.