YNot Italian brings spice of Italy to Virginia Beach

Anyone searching for a slice of cheesy paradise in Virginia Beach should absolutely visit YNot Italian , home of the ultimate Italian food. Tony and Cyndi DiSilvestro, whose kids attended the school, opened YNot pizza in 1993 with the idea of creating a place where families could gather around the dinner table and enjoy authentic Italian flavors. 

With six locations across Hampton Roads, YNot has infected Virginia Beach with their kind-hearted staff that makes customers feel welcome the second they walk in the door. With a vibrant presence in the community, YNot has also forged valuable partnerships with charitable organizations and other local businesses such as #VBStrong. 

“For 26 years, we have been supporting the community of Great Neck through charities, working with baseball, soccer, CHS crew and more. It’s who we are as a company and we believe that being involved in the community is vital to having a great business,” T. DiSilvestro said. 


The Classics

YNot bases it’s menu around the unique tastes of traditional Italian dishes, as well as the addition of secret family recipes that show us the DiSilvestro style. The menu is extensive and includes: appetizers, pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts that leave us wanting more.

Garlic Rolls ($1.99, $3.99): Small pieces of pizza dough scraps are rolled into knot-like shapes, baked, brushed in garlic butter, and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Brought to us from New York, this Italian favorite is served in groups of three or six with marinara sauce on the side.

Cyndi’s Greek Salad ($11.99): YNot’s take on a Greek salad includes fan favorites such as lettuce, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onions, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini peppers and seasoned with salt and oregano, dressed with olive oil.

Margherita Pizza ($16.50): An Italian classic, this pizza has been perfected right here in Virginia Beach. It’s complete with hand-crushed seasoned plum tomatoes, fresh basil, then lightly covered with fresh mozzarella.

Stuffed Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage ($16.99): Another YNot fan favorite, the stuffed rigatoni is filled with ricotta, spicy Italian sausage, topped with marinara sauce, and finished with mozzarella.

Tiramisu ($6.99): This iconic dessert contains espresso infused ladyfingers, mascarpone, and marsala wine mousse stacked in a dark chocolate shell, dusted in cocoa powder.


Falcon Favored

Their original location is housed on Great Neck Rd., located directly down the street from the school, making it a student favorite for post-athletic events, birthday dinners and really any kind of celebration. 

“Garlic knots are my absolute favorite thing to get at YNot because they are so buttery and taste so amazing,” senior Edward Finman said. 

While some students live for the savory slices of cheese pizza that live inside a YNot restaurant, others express their inner desires for the classic pasta dishes. With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless for any Italian cuisine connoisseur.

“Cheese ravioli is my favorite because it just so good,” junior Carsten Bay said.

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