Holidays: expectation versus reality

It’s a common misconception that holidays, no matter which holiday it may be, are “expected” to go off without a hitch. However, that is not always the case. People stress months ahead of time, thinking about gifts for family and friends, holiday parties and preparing to see family. Even though holiday plans should be “picture perfect”, things are not always as they seem.


Expectation #1: Baking delicious cookies for a warm winter treat

Reality #1: kitchen complications lead to some not so perfect holiday goodies

Expectation #2: carolers deliver holiday cheer for all to hear

Reality #2: carolers cause more disturbance than joy

Expectation #3: a winter wonderland is a beautiful display to impress

Reality #3: decorations are expensive and are difficult to put up

Expectation #4: wrapping gifts is as easy as ABCs

Reality #4: giving up on wrapping and use whatever you find around the house

Expectation #5: receiving the perfect gift for the holidays

Reality #5: gift does not live up to expectation

Expectation #6: blasting holiday music in the car is a blast

Reality #6: maybe lip syncing is the better option…