Q & A: Step Team ‘envisions’ future success

The CHS Step Team, Envision, can be found at various events within the school. They bring consistent energy, from sporting events, to school wide pep rallies. Many consider them fun to watch and at each performance they bring something new to the table. The Step Team also showcases the diverse aspects that make up the proud tradition of the school, TRADITION. Teacher and new sponsor Ms. Gillespie has led the team in several impressive performances this year and took the time to answer a few questions.


Q: Where did the idea of step team come from and how long has it been tradition at CHS?

A: “It has been popular in African-American culture for many years and step team has been a part of Cox for at least five years.”


Q: What’s the typical routine of practice for step team?

A: “We make our own routines, develop the art ourselves, and teach each other along the way.”


Q: How does a student become a member of the step team?

A: “Tryouts are held at the beginning of the year and our current members choose the strongest candidates.”


Q: What is the most anticipated event of step team this upcoming year?

A: “Our most anticipated event was the Afro-Beats 757 Dance Competition. We took 1st place and won a $300 cash prize. In the future, we look forward to performing at basketball games.”


Q: What does the team do to build chemistry and stay synchronized?

A: “Repetitive practice is the key to both chemistry and synchronization.” 


Q: How does the support of the school affect the team’s desire to perform?

A: “It definitely builds our confidence and gives us a reason to go out and do our best at every performance.” 


Q: What can the community at CHS expect from the step team coming forward?

A: “ They can expect us to give it our all and to be entertained at the upcoming pep rallies.”