Review: Frozen II warms viewer’s hearts during cold winter months

Disney’s Frozen II takes an icy twist on the 2013 original film, Frozen

Featuring many well known actors and actresses, the film tells a tale of two brave sisters embarking on an epic journey to expose the secrets of their past. Elsa, the Snow Queen of Arendelle, uncovers concealed information about her parents deaths, thus beginning her dangerous travels to Atohallan, the river of memory.

Anna, princess of Arendelle, worries that her sister’s journey to the island could be dangerous and potentially threaten her life. She ventures out into the enchanted forest in hopes that she will free the people entrenched within the misty barrier and bring her sister back safely. This action packed movie is filled with many emotions that draw in viewers of all ages and teaches how important it can be to stick together even when times are rough.


 Q: After watching the movie, how would you rate it and why?

A: “I would give this movie a 11/10 rating because it had a really great story line like and a lot of character development throughout.”


Q: How would you say this movie differs from the original 2013 Frozen film?

A: “I personally feel like this movie was better than the first movie because of how the plot involved more action and the music was very engaging.”


Q: Who were the main directors of the film?

A: “Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck.”


Q: Who were some of the most important actors and actresses featured in the movie?

A: “Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad.”


Q: How did the music choice affect the mood of the story?

A: “I think that the music created stronger feelings especially in the more dramatic scenes. It contributed to the plot and gave the story direction.”


Q: How have the characters changed since the first movie?

A: “In the second movie, Elsa and Anna worked together to figure out the secrets of their past.”


Q: What’s the big take away and how would you apply it into your own life?

A: “I think that the biggest take away was that family and friends should always stick together no matter the circumstances.”


Q: Is the movie still out in theaters?

A: “Yes, let’s go see it right now!”