PowderPuff teachers take down students

The annual SCA sponsored Powder Puff tournament kicked off last week on the football field, drawing in students from a variety of teams and clubs within the school. 

The Powder Puff tournament itself is a twist on traditional football with the girls out on the field as players while the boys stand on the side as their “cheerleaders”; members of the boys varsity football team are selected as coaches to lead their girls to an outstanding victory. 

Each team needed 6-8 girls to participate and come up with their own team name and uniforms, as well as pick their own male cheerleaders. The teams are then organized into brackets that continue to play until two remaining teams are left on the field ready to take each other down. The winning team is then awarded the bedazzled football, or the ‘bling ball’.

The winning team of this year’s Powder Puff tournament was composed of a group of our very own teachers, who called themselves the Black Widows. Participating teachers included: Ms. Tonelson, Ms. Teed, Ms. Bachman, Mrs. Bellissimo, Ms. Howell, and Ms. DeWitt and were coached by Falcon football coach, ‘Coach Stack’.

“We [the teachers] just went out there to have some fun.  It was awesome that we were able to get the win for the teachers, but it was really great that we were able to go and just have some fun with some of our old and new students,” Teed said.

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