VTfT announces new teacher, math department’s Sean Duffy

Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow (VTfT), a program offered through Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) for aspiring teachers, allows high school students to gain first-hand experience in the education field. Current VTfT teacher Jennifer Nardelli has been growing the program for six years and recently announced that a new co-teacher, math teacher Sean Duffy, will join the program next fall.

“Teaching kids to love other kids is why I do what I do, but in math I don’t get the opportunity to show that as much. VTfT is a direct pipeline to share my passion for other people,” Duffy said.

His main goal is to motivate more males to enroll in the class, since historically teaching is a female-dominated profession.

“Duffy will bring enthusiasm and energy to the program. We need more male role models in the field of education so this is a win-win for everyone,”  Nardelli said.

In addition to Duffy’s multiple math classes, it is possible that Mr. Duffy will be given two VTfT I classes to teach while Mrs. Nardelli will have one VTfT I class and one VTfT II class. 

“I think Duffy’s good energy combined with his different perspectives on teaching will help students excel in the class,” junior VTfT I student Eli France said.  

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