Coffee Shops newest addition: the quesadilla

++++++++++++++++++++The Coffee Shop is an organization in the school that provides Special Education students the opportunity to enhance work readiness skills of students with various disabilities. These students work daily to provide items for the Coffee Shop, which has a diverse menu featuring items like cookies, smoothies, and sandwiches. 

Recently, the Coffee Shop has contributed a new addition to the menu. With a buttered tortilla and gooey inside, the coffee shop introduced its newest menu item, quesadillas.  Plain quesadillas are on sale each morning for $2 and chicken quesadillas for $3. 

Senior Josh Vaughn has worked in the Coffee Shop for a few years and happily describes the process of making two wonderful cheese and chicken quesadillas for his friends throughout the school.

First, he has to butter up the tortillas so they turn a crisp golden brown on the stove. After that, he sprinkles cheese along the bottoms of the tortillas and adds chicken on top. He then places tortillas on top so they can be covered and waits for the insides to cook up and become gooey. Finally, Vaughn constantly flips the quesadillas over to maintain steady cooking.

As a reminder Falcons, purchase a hot, delicious quesadilla each morning during first block. 


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