He said, she said: the great make-up debate

It is no secret that cosmetics have long been a staple in the lives of females. But, in recent years, social media has pushed, filtered, and over-extended the use of make-up and other cosmetics to the forefront of every day life.  So, the question seems to be how much make-up  is too much? 


Ashley McGrath
SENIOR ERIC MICHALS believes in his anti-makeup argument. Stay tuned as Michals and Perez debate over more topics regarding ‘teen life’.



Makeup is unnecessary.

Girls shouldn’t use makeup to try to look perfect because what makes them beautiful is their imperfections. Often, when girls use makeup daily it can cause them to find themselves ugly without it. Overall, as girls grow up they won’t be able to obtain the confidence level they should be capable of. Teenagers come into school wearing makeup almost everyday and some will even refuse to leave the house without it on. Beauty Gurus have not helped this issue by creating videos where they show off their skills which creates unrealistic expectations of what their viewers should create. Makeup is mentally crippling women instead of helping their confidence.

Makeup isn’t a form of expression, it’s a form of cat-fishing. Makeup could be considered cat-fishing because in recent years many people meet through social media, and how one picks who they interact with online is by their profile picture. A simple picture on their profile may mislead potential matches because their picture does not look like how they do in real life. 

Although, many people envy the makeup community it has created an overall toxic environment where viewers will log on and lose their confidence. Their cosmetic routines have limited girls’ self-esteem to the point where they can’t even leave their houses without some form of makeup on.






Ashley McGrath
SENIOR ALEX PEREZ feels confident after finalizing her argument for makeup. Stay updated with the latest opinions regarding “teen life”.



Makeup is a form of expression.

From a young age, girls are exposed to their mom’s makeup drawer to play dress up. As girls grow up, makeup slowly becomes part of their daily routine regardless of how much they may put on. In middle school, teenagers start experimenting with foundation and eye shadow slowly getting to know their faces and what looks best with which techniques. Every woman has developed a specific way of applying makeup that makes them feel confident in every situation. And that is what everyone needs to keep in mind: makeup is for us.

Most of us do not wear makeup to impress others. We want to feel comfortable with our appearance and makeup helps us do that. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in one’s appearance to

It is truly a spectrum; there are girls that don’t wear any makeup, those that use it to cover their insecurities, or those that understand makeup as an art form. Regardless of what others may believe, we know that makeup is not necessary, we choose to wear it. It makes women of all ages confident in their appearance, and this helps us focus on what matters. Society often judges women on their insecurities, so having some products that can lessen that burden is essential.

Makeup is whatever the user decides it should be. Women and even men have a right to use it for their own reasons: to create elaborate eye looks or gain that extra bit of confidence to walk out the door.