Diversity club brings attention to Hispanic Heritage month

October officially marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month, bringing the topic of diversity and inclusivity to the forefront.  Many Hispanic students actively show their heritage in school and this month celebrates their rich culture.

Senior Hispanic student Ivan Gonzalez-Herrero and vice president of the school’s new Diversity club, found the inspiration, along with his peers, to help those in need in South American countries. 

“Being able to embrace my Hispanic culture and ethnicity is something that has helped me become happier with myself and has led to the development of many relationships I cherish.” Gonzalez-Herrero said. “Celebrating my background during the month of October serves as a healthy reminder of my family roots and makes it even more rewarding to start this new club that encourages others to do the same.” 

The Diversity club met earlier last week to discuss new service projects for the upcoming months. the first meeting was led by Gonzalez-Herrero and club sponsor and Spanish teacher Maria Roy, who shares the importance of cultivating diversity within schools. Roy also brings fresh ideas to the table.

The club’s first service project is a clothing drive with a focus on helping families dealing with the Venezuelan crisis. The drive will begin in late October and continue throughout November. Diversity club has partnered with Science National Honor Society, Rho Kappa, Spanish National Honor Society and National Honor Society to help spread the word for this meaningful event.

“The Diversity club will help all students embrace their culture and background. Everyone deserves to be proud of where they come from and I am looking forward to encourage students while helping our community in the year to come,” Roy said.