Q & A: The Lion King reveals new stripes 25 years later

The newest adaptation of the Lion King features new technological advances 25 years after the 1994 original movie hit the big screens. While the two movies tell the same story, the presentation on screen is completely different. However, both versions do still appeal to a variety of audiences and both adaptations are well loved.

Juniors Caitlin Sullivan and Burkelle Reighard recently saw the newer adaptation and give their opinions, likes and  dislikes and a few “extras” as well.

Q: So, tell us how would rate the movie?

A: “I would rate the Lion King a 10/10 because the characters were portrayed so well by the actors, to the point it almost felt real. Compared to the first version the special effects were amazing and still tied the story  together to become a sad but sweet, heart-warming movie that I think really made the audience feel something.”

Q: How would you say it differs from the original Lion King?

A: ” I think it differs in many visual aspects. For example, the animation was much more realistic to the point where you think it’s real animals which, in turn, makes the audience feel more empathetic because of that detail.”

Q: Who were the directors of the movie?

A: “The directors were Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff who are both talented and place the actors who do the voice-overs perfectly with the movie characters.” 

Q: Who were some of the actors/actresses in the movie?

A: “There are a lot of big names like Beyonce and everyone knows her. Seth Rogan and Donald Glover also gave their voices to the movie.”

Q: How would you say the lighting affected the outcome of the movie?

A: “The lighting was perfectly picked for each intense scene; sad, happy, or scary. It really moved the audience.”

Q: What part did the special effects play? 

A: “The special effects added to the realistic genre of the whole movie.  Even though none of it was real, it created a whole kingdom that became another world almost. It was a moving piece and I really liked it.”

Q: Did the choice of music impact the movie at all?

A: “There were some new songs or ‘pieces’ done by Beyonce or Donald Glover, but they still incorporated almost all of the original soundtrack and it obviously still fit the new scenes.”

Q: Last question…..When can I go see the movie?

A: “Now! Let’s go!”