How to: stay organized throughout the school year

Stay organized

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COLORED MARKERS MAKE assignments more creative and personal for each student, as well as add a little bit of flavor to the assignment. Calligraphy using colored markers was used to spice up this pretty reminder.

Disorganization is an easy and quick ‘bad habit’ to obtain as a high school student. But, staying organized is imperative to having a successful school year.

According to a study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, the appearance of a student whose belongings are messy can be frustrating for teachers and students who exhibit such behaviors may be at risk for poor academic achievement.

As staying perfectly organized may be a difficult task for a lot of people, falling into bad habits keeps students from reaching their highest potential, while also disrupting the learning environment all together.  There are a plethora of tips and tasks that can be completed in order to make high school life easier and decrease stress levels. 

The fundamental first step is to buy the necessary materials or even gather some from home. A three-ring binder with labeled tabs for each class is preferable. A spiral notebook or a planner to record due dates and homework assignments are also helpful in keeping up with the teachers’ expectations. 

Since the majority of homework assignments are completed at home, a space away from distraction is another constructive element. A work desk is the perfect addition to a student’s work space in order to complete and, of course, charging a Chromebook.

Along with necessary materials, students should complete homework assignments the day they are assigned. Due to the A/B block schedule in place, it is easy for students to fall behind even if they miss one class; therefore, inducing stress. Doing the work on time leaves more room for personal hobbies and/ or necessary relaxation.

The extra time could also be used for more student involvement within the school and community, which is why a calendar is a handy addition to a student’s collection of materials. Calendars are helpful in recording dates of sporting events and club meetings. This should also encourage students to expand their social realm, boosting their resumes for the future. 

Finally, check out our Falcon Press Pinterest board to find tips on how to stay organized and remain successful during the school year.

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