Tradition begins again

CHS students took a trip outside during the school’s first Falcon Forty Advisory Block on Wednesday, Sept. 11, to develop an impressive and spirited image. As students arrived at the practice fields behind the football stadium, they were organized by teachers and staff  into groups by graduating class and separated into letters to spell ‘COX 2020’. 

This emblematic photo op began as a creative idea for a featured yearbook image three years ago, but has evolved into an annual tradition.

Seniors Jordan Estes and Keleigh Miller believe the first Falcon Forty to be symbolic of their graduation year and have been looking forward to it since they were sophomores.     

“Although my boots got a little dirty, it’s so worth it to see the final picture that represents our own senior year,” Miller said.

The actual photos have been taken by Journalism students who maneuver their personal drones high above the field to get shots of students from all angles, using the best quality equipment.

“I believe that this picture event is a great tradition because it motivates the senior class,” Estes said. “We are about to graduate, evolving from the sophomore “X” to the 2020”. 

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