NAHS visits MOCA, receives grant

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The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Virginia Beach recently invited 30 National Art Honor Society (NAHS) students and ten Special Education (SPED) students to participate in several hand-on Art activities and view some of the more popular exhibits including “New Waves,” a series of artwork from a variety of Virginia artists.

NAHS students assisted their student”buddies” in crafting a piece of Art intended to reflect each students’ personalities and interests. All students were also given the opportunity to hear other Art teachers speak about the basic dynamics of Art.

NAHS sponsor and Art Teacher Mrs. van Veenhuyzen  and SPED department chair Mrs. Taylor both attended the event with their students.

“I am so proud of our National Art Honor Society and Special Education students for coming together for this amazing opportunity,” van Veenhuyzen said. “The students learned a lot and were able to create unique artwork along the way.”