German exchange students explore Virginia

Falcons welcomed exchange students from German sister school Salier Gymnasium for a two week visit that began Mar. 29.

The purpose of this exchange was to educate students about different cultural aspects and experience life in a different country.  Students from Salier Gymnasium in Waiblingen, Germany have experienced what it’s like to be a falcon and the adventures in the surrounding city.

The students have visited the Virginia Beach Aquarium, the German Stihl Factory, and a Fire and EMS station. The host families that participated took the German students to tour local gems such as the Chrysler Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the oceanfront. Their final experience in the United States included a historical trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

The exchange students and their host families attended a presentation by both the Mayor of Waiblingen, Andreas Hesky, and Salier Gymnasium School’s Principal, Peter Schey. Schey and Hesky both gave a speech and met each student personally.

According to Principal Dr. Kelly, he believes this program has been extremely beneficial to the host students.

The host family students will be afforded the opportunity to stay in Germany with the same students they hosted this summer,  June 22 -July 3. The German students will have the opportunity to show our students around  their city and share their daily life experiences.

“It is the time outside of school that you learn the most about other cultures. We are very excited that our students are able to participate in this,” Kelly said.

Junior Bailey Deaver has had the opportunity to host one of the students during their visit.

“Its been a very interesting and fun experience because I have gotten to understand and learn about a culture I was completely foreign to before,” Deaver said.

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