Triple R Ranch hosts Falcons Leadership Workshop 2k19

Falcon students took on Leadership Workshop 2019 “Lead here to survive out here” this past weekend at the Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake.¬† The event showcased a “survival and tribal” theme modeled after the show ‘Survivor’ to implement and apply leadership skills in school and in everyday life.

The Ranch hosted over 90 Falcons, including participants, staff members and counselors, all of whom looking to enhance their leadership skills. The event is open every year to all students who apply and are offered a spot.

Mr. Homesly and Mrs. Nardelli sponsored the workshop, but several teachers acted as chaperones. A total of 25 students acting as staff member led the group, who all of which applied and practiced six months in advance. With months of preparation, the students practiced hard to put on a successful event.

“This past weekend many students came out of their shell and showed the leadership qualities they have. It is always the most fun weekend of the year, and I enjoyed my time with the rest of the staff. I can’t wait to be back next year,” junior staff member Nate Unger said.

The Workshop offers to the students who attend the opportunity to open up and express a different side of them. Every year the goal and intent of the event is to develop a student’s leadership abilities.

“Students are able to learn public speaking and the ability to work together; this usually naturally happens. They won’t leave perfect, but they will leave with more confidence than ever,” sponsor Mr. Homesly said.