Teachers soar into Falcon student life

Teachers took on the Shadow a Student Challenge, in which teachers follow a student of their choice from the time they enter the building, until the time they leave on either Monday, Mar. 25 or Tuesday, Mar. 26. 

The teachers are expected to act exactly like students, from the way they interact with others to completing student class work alongside them. The purpose of this experience is to help teachers achieve a deeper understanding of the student engagement in regard to the learning process when creating daily lessons.

Assistant Principal Dr. Ana Cingel created the Shadow a Student Challenge with the intention to allow teachers to get a more accurate perspective of what being a student is like now, as opposed to when they attended school. 

“We want teachers to experience what it is like to be a student at Cox High School and we want them to get the full experience.” Cingel said. “We, as educators should ask ourselves, how we can re-imagine the high school experience so that we are providing our students the education and experience they deserve.” 

Teacher participation included: Erin Tonelson, Matt Ittner, Theresa Jones, Jennifer Nardelli, Caley Ehardt, Amanda Gillespie, Meghan Hall, Gretchen Teed, Elizabeth Clark, Bridgette Bachman, Jessica Van Veenhuyzen, and Madison Sandway.

Nardelli participated in this event with freshman Richard Maiden, former Cape Henry Collegiate student, as she was interested in how students who transfer from private education transition into public schools.

“It’ll be a very different prospective from what I am used to and I think it should be very interesting,” Nardelli said.

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