VTfT students show skills, teachers for day

In efforts to broaden their knowledge in a true learning environment, Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow (VTfT) first year classes will attend a field trip to Leaf Spring Preschool on Friday, Feb. 15. The VTFT students will use the time to guide preschool students through a lesson plan that students previously created in class. 

This field trip will provide students with real world experience, such as how to create a lesson plan and implement it in an actual school setting. In order to accommodate all students,  VTfT students created three separate lessons for the 1 – 5 year-old students’ classes.    

Junior VTfT student Kaitlyn Piston created a craft for the 5-year-old group and is looking forward to sharing her lesson on this trip.

“This is a great way to evaluate our lesson planning before we start our internships in March. I am so excited to apply what I’ve learned in a real classroom,” Piston said. 

VTfT student Chrissy Baker is spearheading the event and hopes to make it an annual trip.

“I started to plan this trip because it is important that we learn how to work with younger kids before we transition into teaching higher grade levels later this year,” Baker said. 

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