‘Hoops for Hope’ tips off

The sound of basketballs pounding the court echo throughout the gym, while the stands are packed with excited fans anxious to see the upcoming game. On one side stands the champion student team. Across the court stands their teachers and administrators who are ready to battle.  

SCA will once again sponsor the 4th annual ‘Hoops for Hope’ tournament, although this year the tournament will be held during one lunch instead of an evening event.  The first round of the ‘Hoops for Hope’ tournament will begin on Monday, Jan. 14, in the gym.  

“When students participate in Hoops for Hope, they’re raising money for a good cause while having fun competing with their peers and teachers,” senior SCA member Ashley Brunick said.

Traditionally, SCA has had a strong relationship with Children’s Hospital for the King’s Daughters (CHKD) and the ‘Hoops for Hope’ tournament is just one of many fundraisers the school participates in to assist the hospital. CHKD, itself, is a nonprofit organization that provides hospital care, physical therapy, and a wide range of other health services for children across coastal Virginia and North Carolina.

According to Brunick, CHKD is an amazing organization that positively impacts people’s lives daily, so it is significant that we can raise money for them through a simple basketball game.

The tournament will be a significant fundraiser for the organization. as the proceeds to participate in the co-ed basketball tournament go directly to CHKD. Players must pay $5 for to play on a team and students must pay a $1 admission on Friday, Jan. 18, to watch the final battle, students versus teachers. The tournament offers students and staff the opportunity to get active during one lunch and help their community.

“Our ‘Hoops for Hope’ tournament also helps raise awareness for the CHKD Love Run,” Brunick said. “A race held in February to benefit children currently under the care of CHKD staff and for the many other children CHKD has helped through the years.”

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