Alumni student panel speaks about college

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Ashleigh O’Brien
RECENT COLLEGE GRADUATES, now college freshman who have recently completed their first semester share their experiences with younger students today at the annual Freshman Panel.


Guidance hosted their annual Freshman Panel, consisting of recent graduates who recently completed their first semester at their [respective] colleges and universities, for current students this morning in the cafeteria.

English teacher Mrs. Molodow and Guidance Counselor Mrs. Francis organize the panel each year in an attempt to ease anxiety that comes with the transition from high school to college. Nine of the school’s June graduates were chosen to speak on the panel, fielding questions from Molodow’s Advanced Placement students, as well from students in the audience.

Panelists were asked a range of questions about their college experiences including: available extra curricular activities, class work and class loads, as well as their personal experiences transitioning from high school to college.  They also spoke about the difference between attending in-state and out-of-state schools, roommates and living situations, and having more independence in life overall.

Ian Lichacz, Class of 2018 president is now a History and Political Science major who attends Hampden-Sydney College and was one of the students asked to participate on the panel.

” I hope the panel provided adequate information for perspective students and give them advice that will help them thrive and have a smooth transition into college,” Lichacz said.






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