Falcons leap across pond, learning German

For the first time, the school will hold a “sister school” student exchange program with students from Salier Gymanisum, in Waiblingen, Germany, a school in Germany, in hopes of enabling students to experience a different culture and learning style other than their own. will take part in the program, attending classes at Cox during the spring of 2019. The school’s students who have been chosen through an application process will attend classes at Salier from June 22 to July 3, this summer.

As a part of “sister school” program, each school will send twenty students to the other school. And, although Falcons will attend school during the summer months for the exchange, German students will come to CHS earlier, from March 29 to April 13 of this school year. Families of consenting students will house the students during their stay, as well as chaperones from each school, and vice versa.

“I am beyond excited that we have this opportunity to have German students visit Cox and to send Falcons abroad to experience Germany,” German teacher Charlotte Berron said.

This experience will be a huge learning curve for the students involved, as they will gain knowledge of a different culture, and will have the opportunity to share worldly experiences. Overall, the opportunity will become immeasurable as adolescents will experience a different perspective outside of their home.

“Germany has been at the heart of Europe for centuries and I hope our students will seize the opportunity to visit it,” Berron said.