‘Falcon 40’ mentors, assisting younger students

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Nyah Jana
NINTH GRADE ADVISORY discusses registering for courses. Nyah Jana mentored Ms. Tonelson’s class teaching them about AP classes.

Advisory blocks are now being implemented within the Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) class schedule. At Cox, administrators chose to refer to our Advisory blocks as the “Falcon 40”.  The purpose of these Advisory blocks is to enable students to interact with chosen mentors on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to discuss career, academic, and personal values.

The guidance office has recently organized a system where upperclassmen students have the opportunity to mentor lower classmen students during their Advisory Block period, where these upper classmen students will be assigned to a ninth grade advisory block and will report there instead of their own falcon 40 classroom. Guidance chose to offer the chance for freshmen to develop a relationship with other students and feel more comfortable talking about school or personal issues on a more relatable level. 

“I wanted to be in Falcon 40 because as a senior, I feel like I have experience in high school and have learned how to handle the stresses that come with school. I thought it would be a cool way to finish off high school and help out those who may feel alone or confused. It’s really cool that I can ease stress by giving younger students advice and I’m super excited,” senior mentor Seany Gershen said.

Started in early December, seniors have been placed in a ninth grade classroom as a mentor in an Advisory block that the teacher/mentor has indicated that it may be helpful for their students.

“People that volunteered to do something are students that are already very involved and have that kind of characteristic,” Head Guidance counselor Dr. Susan Sigler said.

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