SNHS presents ‘Pumpkin Chunkin’

As hosts to their first ‘pumpkin chunkin’ contest ever, the Science National Honor Society (SNHS) plans to hold the event on Thursday, Nov. 29, right after school on the practice field behind the Wing.

A ‘pumpkin chunkin’ contest is a hands-on learning idea that incorporates several different disciplines. In order for the idea to become a reality, SNHS members will participate in groups of 3-4 to create a mechanism that launches a pumpkin the farthest distance. Each group will be given three chances to shoot.

Science teacher and sponsor Laura Beltz has been interested in bringing this contest to the school for years and will finally see her efforts come to fruition.

“I love these kids because they are smart and know how to think out of the box,” Beltz said. “I believe this will be something new and fun for the honor society.”

The ‘pumpkin chunkin’ event is actually a combination of the sciences and construction, enabling students to broaden their fields of interest.

Junior Charles Payne plan to make a slingshot with his group, to reach the distance he needs to win the trophy.

“The pumpkin chunkin gives me and my peers a chance to test our physics skills in the form of competition,” Payne said.


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