Into the Wild: Carine McCandless speaks to classes

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Kyle Goodson’s Honors English 11 classes were given the opportunity yesterday to meet Carine McCandless, sister to the main character Chris McCandless, whose journey and ultimate passing was immortalized in Jon Krakauer’s novel Into the Wild. Goodson’s students recently finished reading the novel.

The novel features Chris McCandless’ true story about his journey through the unknown in the 1990s. While discussing the novel, McCandless discussed the ongoing debate over whether her brother is seen as a hero or senseless in his endeavors.

Only 21 years old when her brother passed away, she was unaware that he would soon perish at the age of 24, found dead in an abandoned bus on the Stampede Trail in Alaska.

McCandless believed Krakauer and her brother are similar in that their wild side can sometimes take over. She was appeased when she heard Krakauer was writing the novel in honor of her brother.

“When people ask me what my brother would be like as an adult if he were still alive, I say he would be just like Jon Krakauer,” Carine McCandless said.

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